4 tips on finding a job as a plumber


Plumbers install and repair hot and cold water systems in homes and businesses. They also work with cookers and gas fires. A career in plumbing makes good use of your practical skills. In order to be a good plumber, you need to be good at solving problems, understand health and safety measures and ability to follow technical plans. Here are 4 tips to finding a good job as a plumber.

1. Certification

Become a qualified plumber by completing industry-recognized training and qualifications at level 2 or level 3. The level you need to pass depends on the years of practical experience you have on plumbing. For example, if you have worked in an industry for many years, then you only need to pass level 2. The demand for qualified plumbers is very high. It won’t be very hard for you to get a job after being qualified.

2. Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship increases the chance of getting a job as a plumber. Apprenticeship is learning on the job with study at a training centre or college. This way, it takes 2 to 3 years to become a qualified plumber. The type of apprenticeship available in your area depends on the local job market. You can search online to get information regarding apprenticeship in your area. Apprenticeship tells employers that you not only have theoretical knowledge on plumbing, but also have hands-on experience on the job. It increases the chances of getting a job.

3. Training

Short courses or training can develop your skills further. It can also open up path to more specific courses on plumbing. You can specialize in a particular sector of plumbing. This will help you get specific job that you are best at. Your qualification will also look attractive to the employer.

4. References

Get good references from your previous employers. References can get you good jobs. So, take every job seriously and show you best performance so that you can get a good reference if you decide to change your job.

Plumbing job is very demanding now. The competition is very high. But with these tips, you can easily get a good plumbing job.

3 reasons to become a certified professional


For any kind of job, it is essential to prove your worth before getting hired. Certification is one of the best ways to do so. Here are the reasons why you should beocome a certified professional.

To show your value


Certifications show that you have the necessary skills to do the job. It also tells that your skills are up to date. Certification also tells an employer that he or she is willing to learn and can contribute good value to the team.

Market yourself


Certifications can get you job easily. These act as great marketing tools and help you keep ahead of your competitors. If you have certification from an international body, then it will help you to seek job outside your country of residence also.

Stay up-to-date


Certification is a proof that your expertise is current and up-to-date. Certification ensures that you know about the latest technologies and business practices used in the field. This will help you stand out from your peers. So, when the time for promotion comes, you have the more chance of getting it.

Certifications are an unbiased measurement of your skills. This can save you in many ways. For example, in case of downsizing, your name may appear towards the last of the list or not at all because of your certification. Employers need skilled employees to take their business forward. Certified professionals are a treasure to the company. If you want to be at the top of the game, then you need to get certified. Being certified also gives you the personal satisfaction of mastering a new skill. Our team of HVAC Contractors in New York have a wonderful training and certification program. Contact them if you’re interested! Also, don’t forget the waste removal philadelphia